When passion
rhymes with

Only those who know their own history can face their future with success. Since the 1960s, the Arangiaro family has invested in technological innovation and in design. It’s from a history made of passion, of love for things done right, of a tradition of great experience in the world of modular kitchens that the desire for a new challenge is born.

This new challenge is called TLK, a company that produces kitchens out of love for the Made in Italy style; only high-end products, but with affordable prices.



Italian Pride

We’ve always loved beauty; most of all, we’ve always loved the beauty of Italian design. It’s in our DNA, we grew up in a Country that has boasted some of the best designers and most famous artists in the world. We’ve always been driven by the desire to create kitchens capable of bringing emotion in everyday’s life, kitchens designed for those who love cooking.

How could we keep up a tradition of creativity and artisanship,offering quality products while meeting the economical necessities of many? How to keep up a tradition of design without making it accessible only for a chosen few? Our philosophy is our answer.

is more

We had questions; we found the answers. We’ve allowed inspiration to come from the best minds of design, from those who have been able to bring so much out of so little, following the concept of “Less Is More”. We decided that we had to bring down the costs, without giving up on beauty and quality. As a result, our kitchens are perfect from every point of view.

The design is thought out down to the smallest detail and inspired by the Made in Italy style. It’s made of poetry and emotion, of quality and sturdiness of the materials chosen to last in time, because for us cooking is a serious business. These are the reasons why we are the perfect union of today’s market’s demands and the love for all that is beautiful: a philosophy that made Italy famous throughout the world few?

Less is more



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